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Step One

To register for any program at NCWC,

each individual must complete the NCWC General Registration to provide Medical Information.

Note: If already completed for 2024-25, skip to Step 2.

Step Two: Select Your Program

If you receive a message your player is ineligible, be sure to complete STEP ONE!

Please note registration for most NCWC programs is closed. If you would like to inquire or ask questions about registering your skater for any NCWC program, please email the registrar at

Receiving an Error Message?

  • INELIGIBLE: If you or your player's name says ineligible when you are trying to register for a program, please be sure to check that you have completed the NCWC General Registration Form with all medical information. This is required for all skaters to participant in any NCWC activity including General Skating.
  • Is your spouse not showing up in your family account? It is just because they need to create a Crossbar account first and then your accounts will all be linked.
  • Be sure you completed Step One, General Registration, for each participant in your family first. If this is not complete, you will receive registration errors. You only need to complete General Registration once per year.
  • Is the player you registered not showing up or showing up as already registered, this maybe because they are already registered for another NCWC program. All skaters can be registered for more than one NCWC program (house league and figure skating, or figure skating and synchro class, travel hockey and power skating, etc.) The player can be selected from the lower portion of your family to continue.
  • Continued problems with registering, please email and explain your challenges inclusive of screen shots if possible.
  • Thank you for your patience as we navigate this new platform together.
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